Good direction and good ideas are always the key to excellence.

With proper writing, visual aesthetics and industry leading tools, we make sure that every project we encounter is of the highest quality.

We direct film, TV, commercials & music videos


When you start to laugh, cry, or be uncomfortable, a relationship is being formed between you and the script.

Writing is the initial birth of creating worlds, taking you on to multiple journeys.

Want something written? It all starts with one word.


Every edit matters. How intimate the characters are to you, is a bond created by the editing process.

Handsome Dragon Productions can edit one of the best immersive experiences for you.

Let us cut and fine tune your vision.


Let us get the gears working in a production.

We can get you the things you need.

Handsome Dragon Productions offers many things, the main one being

Give us a call, let us know what you want.