Kenneth Bordes-Hollon is a young filmmaker born and raised in Brooklyn New York and a Graduate of Brooklyn College; majored in Television, Radio, and Film. During his senior year in high school Kenneth’s first PSA “Helping the World to Breath” caught the attention of Anchorwoman Sade Baderinwa and he won third place at her PSA competition for ” Get Reel With Your Dreams”. This competition helped this young SAG actor to expand his artistic direction from background actor on “Law & Order” to a writer, producer and filmmaker. Kenny’s second PSA “Credit Cost” won 1st place at the 2011 Federal Reserve Bank PSA competition, focusing on responsible credit spending by all Americans. “Credit Cost” was featured throughout several NYC movie theaters. Other winning projects includes his “Freedom of Speech” PSA which aired in Washington D.C, as well as a web commercial for Turtle Rock Studios & 2K Games.

Kenneth’s creative drive comes from three creative generations of Hollon men. His grandfather Kenneth Lynn Hollon a Southerner, was a saxophone player with Billy Holiday, his father Kenneth Drake Hollon was a songwriter and poet. His mother is a science teacher and family storyteller, his stepfather attended Oxford University and is a computer programmer. This eclectic circle of influence supports Kenneth’s’ passion for acting, writing and filmmaking. His father’s sudden death from a heart attack at the start of his junior year in high school taught him to never defer any of his dreams. In 2013 he created Handsome Dragon Productions to share his stories with the world and to support the ideas of others.

Kenny is also a graduate of MCC Youth Theatre Company where he wrote and performed several original monologues and improvisations to standing rooms of theatergoers. He is also a BRIC Studio and Film Producer. His latest film “Space Leak” featured at the 2015 Brooklyn Short Film Festival in Williamsburg, shared the last days of a man who realized that “Space” was leaking in his backyard. Currently Kenny is working with his team on several film projects as producer, writer, director, special effects creator & actor. One of these projects is his first TV comedy. He is an avid believer of Nelson Mandela’s quote, “it always seems impossible until it’s done”.